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I wanted to open an online store To provide personal service, commitment and unique hand crafted items for those of us interested in something better than the norm.

I upcycle items such as vintage watch parts, gears, bullet casings, ink pen nibs, old coins, ancient coins... and the list goes on, into unique jewelry.

My inspiration lies in industrial, vintage and steampunk vibe, so my creations evoke those feelings in others.

I have been making and selling things online fro quite a few years and currently enjoy selling with a wonderful following on AMAZON, ETSY, Touch of MODERN, and several other places on the web, I do and will always do my best to make and keep my customers happy they chose to spend their hard earned $ with me.

Hope you enjoy your visit, feel free to look around and ask me any questions you may have.


Mike aka (Artie) 



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