Up-Cycled jewelry and accoutroments
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About us

I craft up-cycled jewelry using all kinds of cool old vintage and unique stuff, straight from my small studio to you.

I am proud of everything that leaves my shop.

Many of the pieces I use have a history even before they get to me, I strive to accent the wonderful inherent character of each and every piece I put my hands on and in doing so a little piece of me remains with them. In your hands they live on and add your chapter to their story.

I have been making and selling things online , and sometimes in person for the past 15 years, but full time for the last 5 or so.

I also have a presence on Amazon.com, Etsy, and a few other online venues.

You can always get me here


Thanks for checking out my little corner of the online universe

Mike aka (Artie)