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Unconditional Guarantee on all ArtifactsnRelics Bullet Jewelry
We desire all our customers to be absolutely in love and 100% satisfied with their ArtifactsnRelics Jewelry, so we offer this UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE! If you ever have an issue with your ArtifactsnRelics bullet jewelry we will repair or replace it free of charge.
Should you decide it's not what you really want you can exchange it for another item of comparable value or request a refund. It really is that simple.
In addition, if you lose an earring or suck it up your vacuum cleaner we will replace it one time free of charge.
Our philosophy is that if you not love your ArtifactsnRelics jewelry, you’re not going to wear it. If don’t wear it, it won't do either of us any good.
We have been manufacturing and selling Bullet jewelry (and other items and jewelry) since before 2009, this is not a hobby it is my full time (and then some) living for my family and I. I consider each and every customer a gift and an opportunity to put a smile on their face.
We have put in the effort of trial and error, invested in good equipment and made improvements to our line of jewelry many others just dream of doing. Our jewelry is time tested and I personally stand behind it 100%. I hate to hear stories of people making the mistake of purchasing lower quality bullet (or other jewelry ) from some other dealers out there getting stuck with a low quality piece that quickly falls apart and the dealer does not care.
Our GUARANTEE will prevent this from ever being an issue for you.
We make the best quality bullet jewelry available and we want everyone to be wearing Artifactsnrelics.
Questions, issues, thoughts? Just shoot me an email here: artifactsnrelic@gmail.com
Sincerely, Michael AKA (Artie) at ArtifactsnRelics